E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential
Nō Onamata Te Mauri, Kei Anamata Te Aronga
Ancestrally Driven, Future Focused

Rautaki Ako: Learning Plans

Rautaki Ako: Student Individual Learning Plans

Each student will create their own electronic Rautaki Ako (Individual Learning Plan) at the beginning of year and update throughout the year.

Students carefully investigate their passions, interests and subject selection and set some overarching long and short term goals for the year and for the future. Students are encouraged to set SMART goals which they can track and monitor throughout the year. These will be presented to their whānau early in the year and kept updated as living documents.

Whakapā mai ki a Whaea mel.veituna@taiatea.school.nz.

Rautaki Ako: Key Sections


“E PUTA KI TAIĀTEA”: To Empower Uri to reach their Full Potential as Māori Achievers and Servant Leaders. 

P = Pukenga Ako
Future proofed with future-focused Learning Capabilities

U = Uaratanga
Strong in Character molded by our Core Cultural Values

T = Tukuihotanga
Confident in their Identity, Language and Culture as Tainui, as Māori

A = Ara Whai Oranga
Purposeful in Learning and Life through Self Determined Pathways