Mahinga Wheako: Work Experience

The Tau 12/13 Mahinga Wheako programme focuses on real world experiences and these students will have a mentor in the chosen field and undertake a mahinga wheako (work experience placement) with a community organisation that aligns to the student’s goals and passions.

The responsibility for securing the mahinga wheako is the student’s. The student will be supported and guided, but the emphasis is on the student to take responsibility for securing the mahinga wheako as well as ensuring that they fulfill the responsibilities related to this.

Students will learn from adults in the field and be able to make informed decisions about their post Taiātea pathway.

If after completing their mahinga wheako they see that they do not like the realities that are evident in the ‘real’ situation, they can investigate other areas.

If they see that they like the realities of the ‘real’ situation, they have the opportunity to develop deep knowledge regarding the field they have chosen, hone their focus and gain real world knowledge and expertise in the chosen area before graduating secondary school. 

Whakapā mai ki a Whaea