E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential
E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential
E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential

Ngā Pumanawa Akonga: Student Passions through Learning Plans

Learning plans focus on what a student is passionate about. Such as, their interests, goals and future plan. Students have the opportunity to shape their learning around their passions which could include “relevant” learning modules, shadow days in the community, and internships with mentors and experts in the field that the student is interested in.

Some students have a passion for tribal development, conservation, TV presenting, health, carpentry and family law.

These students have learning plans that align with their aspirations as well as internships with mentors who are leaders in the areas that the students are passionate about.

Ngā Taiātea 2002 Kapa Haka Team National Finals in Whangarei

An example of this is Roiana who has a passion for the health of our people. Her goal is to be a Paediatrician where she can be a doctor that specialises in looking after children.

As a Year 12 student she studies modules in English, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology and Maori. She also plays netball and is a key member of the Taiatea kapa haka team and is often invoved in initiatives to support the community.

She has an internship at Waikato hospital and is also a key advocate for the Waikato DHB Tupeka Kore (tobacco free) initiative that is being promoted in Maori communities across the Waikato region. Roiana is following her heart.

Her learning is self-determined and relevant, and she will have a degree of real world experience and expertise by the time she finishes her Year 13 year in 2013. She is chasing her dream.

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