E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential
E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential
E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential

Takere Whanau: Learning in Whanau Arahi

Whanau Arahi: All students are in Whanau with up to 14 other students and one Kaiârahi (teacher). The Kaiârahi supports, guides and mentors the students and liaises with the students family to ensure that the students achieve the goals that they set out in their Rautaki Ako (Learning Plans). Key focuses for the whanau arahi are;

  • Kaiârahi are the key mentors and support in the kura for students
    • Communication and partnership between the Kaiârahi, the students and the student’s whanau
    • Monitoring of student progress in graduating their year level and gaining the targeted qualification
    • Ensuring that the student has a future-focused Rautaki Ako (Learning Plan) focused on the aspirations, passions and goals of the student.
    • Students will present their Rautaki Ako (Learning Plan) to their whanau on Wednesday of week 10, term 1. Students will present their full learning plan in a Onenote document to their whanau. Their draft Rautaki Ako will be completed on the documents below and then transferred and extended on in the Onenote version of their Rautaki Ako.
    • Rautaki Ako Templates for draft versions: Year 9; Year 10; Year 11; Year 12; Year 13

It is also important that we value each students personal life journey (past, present and future), where they have come from, where they are now, and where they aspire to go too. Students set their Rautaki Ako based on their goals, interests and passions. Whanau Arahi, Kaiârahi and the student’s own whanau are central to life at Nga Taiâtea Wharekura.

We want to provide maximum opportunity for tauira (students) to:

  • Be well understood
  • Receive advice and guidance
  • Identify with and take pride in their Wharekura
  • Behave responsibly
  • Co-operatively exercise leadership and
  • Generally seek high standards.

You will note in the day organisation that students meet regularly in their whanau each day, and in their year groups and as a whole Wharekura each week. This is a time to reinforce our tikanga, and to celebrate and inspire our students. This is also an opportunity for our students to practice and grow their leadership skills.

The Kaiarahi Role

The Kaiarahi is probably the most important adult at Nga Taiatea to our students and their whanau. The mentor and guide the students in their whanau, as well as being the main staff member who connects with the parents/guardians of the students in their whanau.


(Monday- Hui aa Kura. Tuesday- Hui Whaanau 25 min. Wednesday-Hui Whaanau 5 min. Thursday- Hui Whaanau 25 min. Friday- Hui Reanga)

  • Create together with the student their RAUTAKI AKO (learning plan) based on the students goals (identify interests, select relevant passions, select modules, goal setting, develop an overview for the year/term
  • Support student daily planning (one note, journals, diaries)
  • Identify and facilitate relevant focuses, interests, needs and skills for the class (careers awareness, public speaking, team building, IT skills, literacy, numeracy)
  • Organise one-on-one meetings (planning, journals, monitoring, internships, general catch-ups, issues, ngakau, wairua/successes/goal setting/ one-on-one focused learning time, scheduling time with students throughout the week
  • Consistently role-model the values of our kura
  • Ensure students are given daily notices

Facilitating Learning

  • Teach modules (role in wider school)2-3 classes depending on other responsibilities
  • Encourage and support self-leadership/self-management modules being taught in kura(support, facilitate, monitor, assess)

Internship / Passion Projects

  • Prepare students to take responsibility for setting up their internships (what is it? Initial contact, interview process, expectations, dress code, profile, journal writing, researching, inquiry process. (Tau 12-13)
  • Identify potential internships/mentors (Tau 12-13) Passion Projects (Tau 9-11)
  • Support student to secure an internship (Tau 12-13) Passion Projects (Tau 9-11) (arrange meeting with student/whaanau/mentor)
  • Monitor and assess student progress (visits, regular communication with mentors/whaanau)
  • Support student internships (Tau 12-13) ? learning/ Passion projects (Tau 9-11)
  • Co-ordinate student ?Rautaki Ako? hui in WEEK 6 of term 1. (to whaanau )


  • Attendance/pastoral care
  • Student files
  • Internship administration (Tau 12-13)
  • Assessment administration
  • General classroom administration
  • Maintain regular contact with whaanau (weekly)