E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential
E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential
E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential

Whakarite kia rite: NCEA Qualifications

Creating Positive Futures:

All students are expected to graduate and go on to tertiary study. The goal is that our students are fully prepared for and connected to their post Taiatea pathway.

Students will have a deep knowledge of their chosen field before graduating from Taiatea due to learning that is Self-Determined and Relevant.

Therefore our expectation is that all students will achieve NCEA qualifications that will give them an advantage in qualifications, in addition to a mature attitude and excellent Self-Management skills.

To achieve NCEA level 1, 2 or 3, our students need to meet the following criteria

Requirements NCEA Level 1 NCEA Level 2 NCEA Level 3
Credits at Level 80 60 60
Other Credits 0 20 at any level 20 at level 2 or 3
Literacy - Eng. or Maori 10 0 0
Numeracy 10 0 0
Taiātea Expectation 90+% of Year 11 students to achieve: NCEA Level 1 90+% of Year 12 students to achieve: NCEA Level 2 90+% of Year 13 students to achieve: NCEA Level 3

Level 3 NCEA

Please remember that students can receive $3000 to $5000 (from certain Universities)if they gain NCEA level 3 with merit or excellence (as well as the opportunity to gain other scholarships).

Therefore, if they strategically set out their learning plan, they have the opportunity to gain these scholarships to support them at University.

University Entrance

All students need to gain UE. UE requires that students gain:

  • 10 credits at level 2 or higher in Te Reo Maori or English (5 reading and 5 writing in one of the languages i.e.:
  • 10 credits for English(5 reading and 5 writing) or 10credits for Maori) – Literacy
    10 credits at level 1 or higher in Mathematics or Pangarau – Numeracy
  • 14 credits at level 3 or higher in 3 approved subjects (marked by an asterix on the Subject Selection Paper).
  • Level 3 NCEA with 3 approved subjects of 14credits or more each

For students to graduate from Ngā Taiātea, they need to have gained NCEA level 3 and University Entrance. The exceptions to these criteria are considered based on a student’s learning plan and his/her depth of planning and commitment to a post Taiātea plan.

Student Eligibility for Courses

It is in the students interests that they have progressed through the levels in a certain learning area (e.g.: have studied biology level 2 before wanting to do biology level 3) so that students have firm foundations for the level of study required. However, this does not mean that a student cannot be accepted into a module if they have not studied this area previously.

We accept that student’s interest’s change as they mature and adjustments to learning plans will happen. The key is that the student has carefully set out their goals and learning plan in consultation with their Kaiarahi and Whanau, and is self-motivated to achieve in the module and courses that they have selected.

Therefore if a student is fully committed to a Learning Plan and needs to study a particular course/module then they can be accepted into the class if supported by the Kaiarahi and the support of the teacher of the desired course. If there is no agreement, then the Kaiarahi of the students should refer this matter to the Kaihautu Takere Aronui (Whaea Raewyn).