E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential
E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential
E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential

Rarangi Whiri Marau: Subject Lines

Below are the various subject/module choices for the year.


  • All subjects in the same line (eg: lines 1, 2 3 etc) are all being taught at the same time. Therefore you can only be in one of these classes at a time.
  • Reanga 3 – 4: Curriculum level 3 – 4 courses aim for student who find certain subject difficult to gain some focused support.
  • Reanga 4: Curriculum Level 4 classes consists of mainly year 9 and some year 10 students. Students from other year levels are most welcome to join.
    Reanga 5: Curriculum level 5 classes mainlu have year 10 students from other year levels are welcome into these classes.
  • Taumata 1: Reanga 6 – Curriculum level 6 classes are level 1 NCEA.
  • Taumata 2: Reanga 7 – Curriculum level 7 classes are level 2 NCEA
  • Taumata 3: Reanga 8 – Curriculum level 8 classes are level 3 NCEA

Our students need to carefully select the subjects at the level that best suits them and their goals for the future in regards to their passion their future career..

All students should study a subject in each of the subject lines (vertical lines 1 – 7).

Students who are doing extension maths, chemistry and physics will need to participate in the kahui kapa haka kaupapa during weeks 7 – 10 of term 2. These students also need to show that they are doing some physical fitness regularly because they will not be in the Oranga Tinana programme in line 7.

Line 7 NCEA level 1, 2 and 3 extension classes for Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Students apply to HoD of subject to be able to do the extension classes.

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