E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential
E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential
E Puta Ki Taiātea!
Strive to Achieve Your Full Potential

Mahere Marau: Takere Aronui

Guidelines to help students select subjects and modules at the correct level

Overview: Ngā Taiātea Wharekura aims to ensure that all students have firm learning foundations, and therefore some courses for our younger students are compulsory.

As students move through the levels (i.e.: Year 9 through to 13) they gain more freedom to choose what they study and at which levels. The learning levels at Ngā Taiātea are explained below in relation to the New Zealand Curriculum and NCEA levels.

Learning levels at Ngā Taiātea

Taiātea Level English Translation NZ Curriculum Level (CL) NCEA Level
Putake 1
Generally year 9
Foundation 1 CL 3-4 Some modules offer NCEA standards
Putake 1
generally year 9
Foundation 2 CL 5 Some modules offer NCEA standards
Taumata 1
generally year 11
Advanced 1 CL 6 Level 1
Taumata 2
generally year 12
Advanced 2 CL 7 Level 2
Taumata 3
generally year 13
Advanced 3 CL 8 Level 3


Ngā Taiātea offers full year courses which are broken up into 1-2 term long blocks called modules. For example, a level 2 Maths course may consist of a Geometry Module, Statistics Module, Algebra/Number Module and a Module on Probability.

The students choose the relevant module/s that suits their learning goals. Therefore, if a student is planning to go to Law school at University when they leave, the student may want to choose modules from English, Maori, Business Enterprise, Mathematics and History.

In addition to the course and modules offered through the Takere Aronui, through the Takere Hapori (Community) students may also have an internship in a local law firm and also do an online law paper. As you can see, the student?s passions and goals and future plan is what is most important.

Course Outlines Including Modules offered

The course outline shows you the modules for each course throughout the year and the interesting topics that will be covered, the assessments that will be assessed in each module, the amount of credits that will be offered in each module and the due dates.

You need to carefully look through what is offered and set out your learning plan for each term. Please remember, the main focus is your goals and you can change courses each term if the modules that you have selected align better to your goals.

Range of Course and Module Options

Optional courses are broken up into term long blocks (modules) and students choose the modules that suit their personal goals and learning plan.

Students do not have to do the whole year course of any particular option. Students may choose to do a range of different option modules and change option courses each term so they can experience a wide range of learning before deciding what they want to focus on.

By experiencing a range of options it could help students to make excellent choices later on about the most relevant courses that they would like to study.

Kia Tupato

Our students will need to be careful to ensure that they get a good grounding in particular subjects that they may want to study later on in their schooling and beyond.

Our rangatahi need to be careful not to cut off future options by not doing a particular subject in year 11 especially. A good example is if a student chooses not to do science in year 11, but when she is in year 13 she sees that she wants to be a nurse, but does not have the sciences to support this goal. The Kaiarahi will help our students through this process.

All students from Year 9 to 13 are required to do a Reo Maori, Reo Rangatira or Te Wananga o Raukawa course.

All Year 9 – 13 students will be in this programme which focuses on our values, our tikanga, our history and contemporary issues of the day. Student will learn ways to remember, honour and celebrate these important aspects of being Tainui an of being Maori.

All students will participate in a physical wellbeing and fitness programme. This kaupapa teaches and supports students to be physical healthy. Students will also investigate and discuss issues that are important as they grow and develop into young adults.

This learning area focuses on important kaupapa that relate to Tainui, AMori, New Zealand and the world

The focus of these courses is to ensure that students gain a wide range of skills so they are prepared for the Taumata (Advanced) courses and modules.

Putake courses generally focus on Years 9 and 10 but we are aware that students have a range of skills and abilities regardless of their age and students may study at a higher or lower level than their peers, and we respect and support that. The Kaiarahi will guide the students so that the Learning Plan sets out the appropriate course and modules.

Students may study a range of courses at different levels if this suits their future aspirations.

All students need to a firm foundation in Reo Maori, English, Maths, PE, Oranga Tinana, Oranga Wairua, Kia Angitu. at the appropriate level and all students will undertake Passion Projects during the year.

These students are also able to choose from 12 other different options (choose 1 from each group of 4 options per term).

Below are the different subjects that are offered at Ngā Taiātea. For further information press on this link for Curriculum level 3 – 5 classes which are generally year 9 – 10 classes) and Curriculum level 6 – 8 classes which are NCEA level classes from level 1 – 3 NCEA.

  • Te Reo Maori me te Reo Rangatira
  • Te Reo Pakeha (English)
  • Pangarau (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Putaiao (General Science)
  • Koiora (Biology)
  • O Kawekawe (Chemistry)
  • Ahupuungao (Physics)
  • Hauora (Physical Education including NCEA Level Physical Education, Putake 1-2 Phys Ed and Whakapakari Tinana-Sports Conditioning)
  • Tu Taua (Maori Martial Arts)
  • Kaiurungi (History and Leadership)
  • Kaipakihi (Business Enterprise)
  • Toi (Art)
  • Puoro (Music)
  • Raranga (Weaving)
  • Whakapaoho (Media Studies)
  • Rorohiko (Computer Coding and Programming)
  • TOA (Elite Sport Theory and Conditioning)
  • Hapaniihi (Japanese)
  • Kia Angitu (Kaupapa Maori 21st Century Learning Skills)
  • Oranga Wairua (Tikanga, Reo me te Wairua)
  • Oranga Tinana (Physical Health and Fitness)
  • Takere Hapori (Courses External to Nga Taiatea including Correspondence and Tertiary Courses)

2017 Overview of Subjects (Subject Lines): This document shows the different programmes and modules that are offered this year. Please remember that there are 7 vertical lines (1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7) and students can only do one course in any line at any time.

This chart is very important. Detailed explanations are in the Putake 1 – 2 and Taumata 1 , 2, 3 Learning Plan Guidelines. Also please remember that students need to fill in their Rautaki Ako template for either a Year 9, 10 or 11 students (Whanau Aria) or a Year 12 or 13 students (Whanau Ararau) to show their learning plan for the year. This is of the utmost importance.