Rautaki Ako:  The most important in regards to a students personal learning paths is there Rautaki Ako.  This is based on a students passions, needs and future goals.  The intention is that students will carefully think about their learning pathway when they leave Nga Taiatea and all of the students subjects support that pathway.  The basic word document for students to fill in for their year level is on the Takere Whanau page of the school website.  By week 6 of term 1, all students should have transferred and extended on the korero regarding themselves and their learning pathway on to the ONENOTE version of their Rautaki Ako.. The ONENOTE programme allows students to add video, web pages, links to their calendar and all sorts of other things to support their learning plan as they share with their whanau and others.

2017 Subject Lines:  These are extremely important and give the class options that students are able to take at Nga Taiatea.  It is very important to note that the subjects are organised in curriculum levels and students opt into classes at the level that suits them and their goals.  The levels range from level 3/4 (generally year 7 - 9 level to level 8 which is NCE level 8.

Stationary List:  Once students have chosen their subjects they are able to go to the stationary list and purchase the items that they need to support them in their learning.  Nga Taiatea recommends that whanau go to shops like Warehouse Stationary and other similar shops to purchase their stationary which are always on special in the beginning of the year.