Nga Mahi a Rehia, a Tane Rore: Cultural Activities at Nga Taiatea

Kapa Haka: Kapa haka is a very popular kaupapa at Nga Taiatea. We are thankful to the team of tutors, the support whanau and all of the students who participate in kapa haka. This year Nga Taiatea won the national championship in Whangarei thanks to the disciplined unity of the students and the creativity of the tutor team. The kapa haka performs throughout the region to support kaupapa in the community, especially events to support the Kingitanga, wider Tainui events and beyond the region where possible.

For further details in regards to kapa haka, please contact the head of the kapa haka, Matua Ohia. His email is

Tu Taua: Nga Taiatea offers Maori Martial Arts as a fulltime subject and an extra-curricular programme under the Whare Tu Taua o Aotearoa. Matua Anaru (Pou Waru) leads Tu Taua at Nga Taiatea where students in years 9 to 13 can study Tu Taua as one of their passion subjects/modules. People from the community come to Taiatea to study Tu Taua on Thursday evenings to advance their skills, fitness and self-discipline. Nga Taiatea students undertake grading regularly thanks to the efforts and support from Te Whare Tu Taua o Aotearoa.

For further details in regards to Tu Taua, please contact the head of the Tu Taua, Matua Anaru. His email is

Singing Groups: Nga Taiatea has a strong music department where students extend both their practical and theoretical skills in music. Nga Taiatea also has singing group such as a boys quartet and a girls chorus group. This is an area that we want to develop further so that our students can experience a wide range of ways sharing their passion and skills with the community.

For further details in regards to our singing group, please contact the head music, Whaea Selepa. Her email is