Nga Kakahu Kura: School Uniform

Nga mihi maioha ki a koutou katoa e te whanau.  E whai ake nei ko nga kaupapa e pa ana ki ngaa kahahu kura.  Tena koa, ata panuitia nga korero nei kia kore e rangiruatia ngaa whakaaro.  Ko te tikanga me mau hu nga akonga katoa.  E hara teenei i te kowhiringa.

Kia ora whanau.  Shoes/sandals must be worn by Ngaa Taiaatea students. If students come to school in bare feet, their Kaiarahi will contact home for parents to collect their child and address the matter.  Below are our uniform requirements.  Ngaa mihi.

All students are expected to wear the correct uniform. 


  • School Grey Cargo shorts
  • School polo shirt
  • School jerseys & school jackets
  • Black or brown leather sandals - slip on or not (NO JANDALS). 
  • Black socks- up to your calves in height (minimum)- no ankle socks.
  • Full Black shoes , excluding KUNG FU shoes or KUNG FU LOOKING SHOE, SLIPPERS etc. 
  • Plain black scarves only.
  • Plain Black cap - no logo`s or writing on the cap - just a plain black cap.
  • Plain Black Beanie for the winter - no logo`s or writing on the beanie - there is no need for beanies in the heat of summer.


  • Grey School skirt: Please note that the minimum length for the grey school skirt is to the students knee - nothing shorter will be accepted.
  • School polo shirt
  • School jersey & school jackets
  • Black or brown sandals.  These sandals do not need to be Roman Sandals.  As long as the sandals do not reach higher than your child’s ankle.  This is more flexible to allow students to wear shoes that are comfortable.
  • Black stockings or black socks- up to your calves in height (minimum) - no ankle socks
  • Black shoes. Any black street shoe (not kung fu shoes or slippers). Totally black sports shoes are acceptable.
  • Plain Black Cap. No logo`s or writing on the cap.  Just a plain black cap.
  • Plain Black Beanie for the winter.  There is no need for beanies in the summer.

Please Note:  T-shirts worn underneath school Polo`s must be worn in a tidy, respectable manner. If they are seen hanging scruffily, below the waistline area of the school polo, they will be removed and placed in the confiscation box in the school office.

Alternative if there is incorrect uniform:
A pānui MUST be presented for students wearing the following alternative school uniform clothing. Failure to bring a note will result in the student being sent to the office. The office will contact caregivers who will be asked to either collect the student from school immediately or bring the students correct uniform to school.
The following alternative clothing can only be used for the maximum of 2 days.

  • Boys:  Black long dress trousers and white short sleeve polo shirt. There is no alternative jacket or jersey.
  • Girls:  Black knee length skirt and white short sleeve polo shirt. There is no alternative jacket or jersey. 

Please note that these are the only alternatives the students will have for everyday school uniform. Nothing else will be accepted at all, regardless of pānui from whānau.


Whakakai/Ear Rings/Piercings:

  • The only ear rings permitted at school is one stud for each ear (maximum), no bigger than 4mm in diameter. Anything other than this will result in the item being confiscated and logged into the school office.
  • No piercings with studs/rings, on any other part of the body, will be permitted. If a student is found in breach of this kaupapa they will be asked to remove the stud, the item will be confiscated and logged into the school office.
  • Students may be required to remove studs in areas where they could constitute a danger to themselves and other students,  e.g.,  PE,  sporting activities,  craft.  A taonga (whëua/pounamu) may be worn

Taonga Maori/Necklaces:

  • The only necklaces permitted will be taonga Maori.
  • Any grey area with this kaupapa will be at the Kura`s discretion and, if need be, the final decision will be with the Tumuaki.



  • Only a watch is permitted on the wrist.
  • No bracelets of any sort at all to be worn on either the wrists or ankles. 

Confiscated Apparel

  • Non uniform items of clothing will be confiscated, logged into the school office and returned to the student at the end of term.
  • Parents/Caregiver (not brother/cousin/aunty/uncle etc), may personally come into the school office to sign confiscated item for the school tari. If the same item is confiscated a second time item will remain in the school tari without the opportunity to collect it before the last day of term.
  • Any item confiscated in the last week of term will not be returned until the end of the following term.
  • Parents/Caregiver must come in personally to collect and sign out any confiscated item from the school office. Email, phone calls, or panui from home will not be accepted.