Achievement and Graduating from Ngâ Taiâtea Wharekura:

Our school community developed this updated profile in 2015 as we undertook a review of our kaupapa.  The parents, students, graduates, staff, board members, kaumâtua and the wider community developed the Ngâ Taiâtea graduate criteria with indicators focused on honouring our ethos which is .....Nô onamata te mauri.  Kei anamata te Aronga!  We are ancestrally driven and future focused.

We believe that all students can achieve........"E PUTA ki TAIÂTEA!" which is to strive to ACHIEVE their Full POTENTIAL!  It's all about our tauira's PERSONAL BEST!!!

Ngâ Taiâtea Vision:  Te Manu Tâiko Taiâtea:  Nô onamata te mauri, kei anamata te aronga!  E PUTA ki TAIÂTEA!

The vision for our students in PUTA illustrates what achievement looks like in a student, and especially a graduate of Ngâ Taiâtea Wharekura.  This profile first focuses on our graduates being ancestrally driven (T=Tukuihotanga; U=Uaratanga) and future-=focused (A=Ara Whai Oranga, P=Pûkenga Ako). Our vision is that our tauira will be ancestrally driven and future-focused by having;


P (Pûkenga Ako):  Tauira of Taiâtea will possess future focused learning capabilities.

·         Effective self-managers of their goals, time, tasks and reflections.

·         Effective communicators who are literate (Mâori, English, Digital) and numerate.

·         Critical Thinkers who make clear and reasoned judgements.

·         Collaborators who work well with others to achieve shared goals.

·         Game changers who problem solve, innovate and create.

·         Passionate about learning, excited by discovery and undaunted by change. (M. Durie)


U (Uaratanga): Tauira of Taiâtea  will be  strong in character moulded by our core cultural values (PoUtuWhaKaAro).

·         Pono: honesty and dependability.

·         Tautuutu: reciprocity and giving.

·         Whanaungatanga: family and relationships.

·         Kawenga: responsibility.

·         Aroha: respect, care and love. 

·         By following PoUtuWhaKaAro our tauira will be toka tû moan, likened to the rock standing in the ocean. Stays committed and courageous in the face of adversity.


T (Tukuihotanga): Kia puâwai ngâ taonga tuku iho:  Tauira of Taiâtea will be confident in their identity, language and culture as Tainui, and as uri of other iwi;

·         Kawea te reo ki te Ao hei reo kôrero, hei reo ora: Speaks te reo Mâori fluently and freely so that it lives and thrives.

·         He pouwhakatupua o te reo, ngâ tikanga me ngâ taonga tuku iho o te Kîngitanga:  Stalwarts of te reo Mâori, tikanga and the Kîngitanga.

·         Whakamanahia te reo me ngâ tikanga o Waikato-Tainui, o te iwi Mâori whânui tonu:  Committed to the continued growth of the language and culture of Waikato-Tainui and Mâori in general.

·         Ka tû pakari i runga anô i tôna ake tuakiritanga: Secure and confident in their identity as members of their whânau, of iwi, and as Mâori.


A (Ara Whai Oranga):  Kia whakarite i tôna ake ara whai oranga: Tauira of Taiâtea will be purposeful in learning and life through self-determined pathways;

·         He Aronga Pae Tawhiti:  Future-focused with a positive long-term vision for their life.

·         He Aronga Pae Tata: Thoroughly planned and prepared for life with contingencies for the transition from Ngâ Taiâtea to the next phase of their lives.

·         Carefully manage their health and wellbeing so that they can thrive physically, spiritually and mentally.

·         Exposed to a diverse range of experiences to enable them to make informed decisions regarding their post-Taiâtea pathway.

·         Equipped with the essential life skills for the real world to enable them to work, live, adapt to change, and prosper.